Tempura Battered Zucchini Flowers stuffed with Swiss cheese

24 Feb

Our summer garden has been doing really well despite the blazing hot weather we’ve been getting. The tomatoes are thriving… the herbs are flowering a little but we’re still getting lots of use out of them and the chillies are very happy.


The yellow zucchinis that we got from Jo-Lynn and Dave for Christmas has been producing lots too and we’ve been harvesting at least 2-3 zucchinis every couple of days. I love Zucchinis on the barbie and roast zucchinis are also one of my favorites. Then… I discovered stuffed zucchini flowers! Yum.


Zucchini Flowers are served in Italian restaurants as a starter. Personally, I’ve never tried them in a restaurant before nor have I bought them from the green grocers simply because they cost about an arm and a leg ($2.50 per zucchini flower to be exact!!) However, I have been curious about how they would taste. I harvested these lovely zucchini flowers from the garden, stuffed them with chucks of swiss cheese and batttered them in tempura batter. They are really light and crispy and not to mention extremely yummy. Here’s the recipe.


Ingredients for the batter:(this can batter up to 20 zucchini flowers)

  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups of iced soda water
  • 1 cup plain flower
  • 1 cup corn flower

Other ingredients:

  • 10 female zucchini flowers (these are the ones with the little zucchini growing under them)
  • a small block of swiss cheese cut into small (15mm by 15mm) squares
  • large plate of breadcrumbs
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • basil leaves for garnish and extra flavour


  1. Wash the zucchini flowers under cold water.
  2. Gently open the flower to remove the entire stamen.
  3. Place a cube of swiss cheese in the flower and close it up gently.
  4. Repeat this for all the zucchini flowers.
  5. Now to prepare the batter.
  6. Lightly beat the egg in a large stainless steel bowl and add the iced soda water to it.
  7. Add the plain flour and corn flour and mix it all up with a pair of chopsticks. This is to ensure that the mixture is not overmixed. There should still be lumps in the mixture.
  8. Fill a small saucepan with vegetable oil and heat up the oil over a large flame.
  9. When oil is hot, reduce the flame to medium.
  10. Place the zucchini flowers in the batter, then roll quickly over the breadcrumbs.
  11. Deep fry in the hot oil till golden brown.
  12. Remove and place on absorbent paper to drain off excess oil.
  13. Arrange on a plate and garnish with basil leaves.
  14. Now sink your teeth in it.


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