Confessions of the industrious puff pastry roller and other miscellaneous adventures – Week 2&3

27 Feb

You might be thinking… GAWD – Is she going to put us through her accounts of cooking school every single week?! The answer is – Yes. I am. I’m very excited about pastry school. So I do feel the need to write down all my experiences so I can reminisce about them when my fingers become arthritic and I have random grey hairs that I don’t even seem to know of growing from my chin – not that its happened to me yet.

Week 2 was all about puff pastry. For those of you who have attempted puff pastry, you will know better than I, that making puff pastry from scratch is extremely time consuming and strenuous. Alot of rolling, alot of folding and alot of resting (the pastry). But the rewards are – a more superior puff and of course more satisfaction because you know you haven’t cheated by using frozen puff pastry from the supermarket.



We spent close to 6 hours rolling puff pastry and learning Puff Pastry theory…. and I know I probably should not be saying this as a training pastry chef (therefore the confession) but after that session I think I might stick to the pre-made, frozen stuff from the supermarket. 😛

We also made Bacon, Onion and mushroom quiche with savory short crust pastry and alot of cheese. We had this for dinner and Jason enjoyed it immensely.


This week, we used the puff pastry which we had made from Week 2 to make an Australian favourite – Vanilla Slice or mille feuille.



We then proceeded to make choux (pronounced as shoo) pastry which involved alot of piping from the piping bag to make profiteroles and chocolate eclairs. These shapes below are potato mash which we practiced our piping on. I must say… that experience has put me off potato mash for a while.


I have learnt so much in the last 2 weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to put all this into practice real soon.

One Response to “Confessions of the industrious puff pastry roller and other miscellaneous adventures – Week 2&3”

  1. Sofya March 25, 2010 at 4:21 AM #

    This looks beautiful… but where are the recipes??? That vanilla-thousand-leaves looks good.
    I’ve gotten into making a very fast and easy rough puff pastry, I think it’s a wonderful compromise.

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