The tale of the unloved giant zucchini

17 Mar

We have allowed the yellow zucchinis in the garden to grow to mutant size. We harvested them over the weekend and they were the size of one of my calves. Linda suggested that I scrap out the zucchini pulp and stuff them (I probably should have asked her for the recipe…) So last night, I stuffed one of the giant zucchinis with a random formula that I pulled off top of my head. We brought them to Jo-Lynn’s and Dave’s for dinner.


The aromas that wafted out from the oven were beautiful. It was of sweet-smelling thyme, melted cheese and a hint of curry spice. Everyone was excited. Until we tasted it. There was awkward silence all around the table. Dave was trying to discreetly smother the zucchini with curry and rice, Jo-Lynn said it was not bad and then Jason said, “I don’t know about this… there are a lot of bad flavours going on here.” And then the whole table cracked into bulks of laughter. Lesson to be learnt – NEVER put your tastebuds through a combination of curry powder, Worcestershire sauce, seeded mustard, thyme and lemon zest.




Apart from having to deal with the humiliation of serving the monster zucchini (monster in size and taste), we had an awesome time. Jo cooked a lovely curry and we kicked back and looked at their exciting travel pictures. Its so nice to have you guys back.

One Response to “The tale of the unloved giant zucchini”

  1. Pam March 22, 2009 at 3:13 PM #

    Cute picture……

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