Sponge Bob square pants – Week 6

24 Mar


This week, we start on cakes. The pictures are a little blurry because these were taken with my phone. I had forgotten to take my camera to class this week.

sponge-2 sponge1

There are a few methods that can be used to make sponges. This was the traditional method. I have made some nice sponges in the past with strawberries and cream sandwiched in the middle and then iced with more fresh cream. After this lesson though, I have mastered the art of slicing the sponge into a perfect half (Before, this was close to impossible for me. I had to bake the layers separately because the thought of slicing the cake to put the filling in the middle was far too daunting.) So Yay!! Another productive lesson learnt.

One Response to “Sponge Bob square pants – Week 6”

  1. Linda May 24, 2009 at 9:54 AM #

    I love reading your blog it is such fun and the recipes and photo’s are wonderful. I am having trouble with my computer so I wonder if you even will get this comment
    Have you complete the catering for Melb. Uni yet? Love to chat when you have time. Miss you Love Mum

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