Plating up the Bombe Alaska

26 May


The last couple of weeks has not been happy times for me at pastry school. It all started with this bombe alaska.

The bombe alaska is a dessert made with ice cream in the middle (see below), smothered with thick Italian meringue and then torched to a nice golden brown with a blow torch.

We began the task of making the icecream the week before, then the week after involved assembling the bombe alaska. It was all very exciting for me because this was my very first attempt making bombe alaska and the care that I had taken to layer my icecream was extreme. I placed the layered chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer to set.

And then… my ice cream grew legs and left the kitchen. I had nothing to plate up.

I approached the ever “helpful” teacher who asked me, “What do you mean its gone?” “What do you mean someone’s taken it?” Then she simply shrugged her shoulders and told me to look for it.

However, I did find the ice cream eventually – after 20 drawnout minutes – in the other class.

I frantically plate up the bome alaska, presented it and then ate it. It was pretty good. 🙂


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