Meringue Madness

26 Aug

Today, we experimented with meringue desserts as well as crystalising edible flowers and fruits.


I thought that the crystalised flowers were really pretty and can really enhance the look of a dessert. Think I might try some at home. These were the meringues that I plated up at class today.

Assorted fruit Pavlova with raspberry and kiwi sauce


Swan Meringue with Kiwi sauce and pistachios


Amidst trying to plate up a decent dessert, the fire alarm went off (FOR REAL) and we had to evacuate. It was all rather exciting with everyone mucking around in the Angliss square while waiting to get back into class. We even had time to take a class photo!


One Response to “Meringue Madness”

  1. Pam August 27, 2009 at 2:16 PM #

    You are making Gary very hungry…….he especially likes the kiwi with raseberry……do you spoil Jason with all these…..great blog!

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