Happy Birthday Jo – Chocolate Rum cake with Raspberry Mascopone Cream

8 Sep


I think I’ve known Jo since I was about 15. She was the little sister of a close friend from school. However, I only really got to know the real Jo when she came to Melbourne to do physio at University. She is one of the loveliest, most positive, generous and adventurous person that I know and I feel so lucky that we are friends.

Happy birthday lovely girl. Thank you for your kindness and your friendship.


I made a Chocolate Rum cake with Raspberry Mascarpone Cream on Sunday for Jo’s birthday. This is the first time that I have ever sketched out a cake design and put the flavours together on my own. I was a little worried that this was beyond me however, I was excited by the possibilities. I made 2 cakes just to be sure that I got it right. Here are the pictures of how it turned out.


cake inside

I was pretty happy with the outcome but I think that there is still room for imporvement. The chocolate cake recipe was a little rich and it made the cake a little tough. Might attempt using another chocolate cake recipe next time.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Jo – Chocolate Rum cake with Raspberry Mascopone Cream”

  1. Jo September 15, 2009 at 11:35 AM #

    Awww bless! Happy birthday Jo. Those decor of those cakes look awesome chris, so professional!

  2. Pam September 17, 2009 at 9:31 AM #

    Holy Smokes……this looks awesome!

  3. Hannah January 12, 2011 at 4:56 AM #

    Do you have a recipe for this cake? looks awesome!

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