Rantings down the repository

17 Sep

This week is the last week of term and Thank GOD for that!! I was getting desperate for term break to arrive (though – I will be at work most days over the break) and FINALLY… it’s here. The last month has been pretty hectic – juggling 2 jobs, school, assessments, matchmaking single friends but most of all trying to deal with a complete A** wipe at work. Its probably taken me all the willpower and determination to remain in “zen” mode. “Focus on the important things!” I keep telling myself. However, what I would really like to say is, “Excuse me…. Can I just clarify something. Are you always an ******* or is it just me?”

Apart from the daily toils and bumps, things have been going swimmingly, so I really shouldn’t complain too much. I have been so busy and so exhausted that I have decided to do the bare minimum at school this term – Just to get by. “No one looks at your grades in industry anyway… they look at experience and dedication,” I tell myself. I’ll be pretty happy just get by with “C”s this term. The irony of it all was that last semester, I was one of those annoying mature age students that would stalk my teachers and ask why they didn’t give me an “A”. With much lower expectations this term, I ended up doing better than expected for all my classes – so I’m pretty stoked. *The moral of story: Aim low. Don’t expect too much. You’ll be pleasantly surprised from time to time.* (hahaha…. please don’t heed that advise. That’s just Negative Nancy being all mopey and pessimistic.)

Here are some pictures of the bread that I made for my assessment.

bread rolls


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