My first attempt at French cooking – Poached Fish in White White with Mushrooms

26 Oct

Julia Child - FISH

I watched ‘Julie and Julia’ at the Half Pipe this weekend – I loved it. And yes… I am one of those suckers that enjoyed it so much that I decided to invest in my first French cook book – and it so happens to be the one by Julia Child, Mastering the art of French Cooking.

Yes… laugh away…. In my defense, I have been contemplating to attempt French cooking in my kitchen since I started working at the current restaurant I’m at. The restaurant serves predominantly french cuisine and it always looks and smells so great. As much as I wish that I could afford to eat at the restaurant someday as a paying customer or even better… jet away to France and plunge fully body into their croissants and creme brulee for a week, I am at the age where most of us are paupers, therefore I can only think of perhaps trying to cook something French in Christine’s kitchen. So there’s my long and elaborate explanation as to why I bought the book – It wasn’t because I was a sucker for the movie.

The first recipe I tried was the Poached fish in White Wine Sauce with Mushrooms and steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce – I think I used about 100grams of butter for this meal. That’s about 1/2 a block of butter. See how the fish is smothered in white sauce…. and to make it all the more decadent, there was actually cheese grated on top of the poached fish before it was covered in the thick white sauce.

Verdict from my non-fish-eating victim: “Mmmm… (5 seconds later) mmmm…. (at the end of the meal) wow… the French really know how to cook. I wouldn’t mind eating fish again if you’re going to be cooking from that book.”

Conclusion: $44 well spent. Waist line may increase exponentially in the following months, however, there will be gastronomic delights to be enjoyed. This is good for the soul.

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