Petit Fours & a Passionfruit Gateux

28 Oct

I have been so tired this week that the thought of skipping a couple of prac. classes to catch up on some sleep was as tempting as dangling an apple in front of a hungry possum (Do possums eat apples? ….I don’t really know to be honest…) In the absence of sleep, I have been compensating by topping up on caffeine and constant doses of anything that is high in sugar.

On Monday, they were giving out free Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream in the front lawn at my workplace. Hordes flocked to the ice-cream van like vultures. V and I were too late and when we got to the van, there was nothing left. Not even a whiff… We were even scorned by the pimply pubescent lad that was giving out the freebies when we asked if there was anymore free ice-cream. “Nah…” he said. Then he pointed to an overturned icecream cup on the ground and said “There’s some there if you’re desperate.”

So… no free ice-cream for the sleep deprived… but I’m glad I didn’t miss prac. classes this week. We made loads of yummy things. Petit Fours – which consisted of macaroons!! And a beautiful passionfruit gateux.

P/S: I actually learnt more from the Daring Baker’s Challenge on macaroons than I did from school. It was clear that even the teacher was apprehensive about making macaroons. (No advise was given on mixing techniques and he avoided speaking about macaroons altogether. We had to just follow the recipe given to us.) So… once again… 3 cheers for the Daring Baker’s Challenges.




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