Black Forest and Chocolate & Caramel Calavados Cake

17 Dec

Its been a while since I have posted anything and I thought that I should get my act together and add some of my drivel to my poor, neglected flog. Semester has ended at Angliss and the school is closed till Feb next year. I can’t believe how fast 2009 has gone. I have finished a year of pastry training and have just 1/2 a year to go before I officially graduate.

Mom and Dad were here to visit in November with Clarissa. We had an awesome time but it was hard to say goodbye. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get used to life in Melbourne. But here I am now, this is what my life is and I should only look forward to good and better things.

These are some of the cake that I made at school in my final term – a Black forest cake and a Chocolate & Caramel Calavados cake.

One Response to “Black Forest and Chocolate & Caramel Calavados Cake”

  1. Pam December 30, 2009 at 10:49 AM #

    Oh my gosh! These look yummy! I better not show these to Gary!

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