Sugary creations Big and Small

11 Sep

I thought I might post some pictures of stuff that I have made during the time that I’ve been pregess – both small and not so small.

Orange liqueur truffles, black salted caramels and honey, thyme jellies

Chocolate molten cake with espresso syrup and brandied cherries

Chocolate and Raspberry cake for Ruby’s 1st birthday

White Rose made by pulling sugar

Ribbon made from pulling sugar

Fruit cake covered in marzipan and decorated with pink hydrangers

The Olivia the pig Plaque

White Chocolate model

Dark choc model – “The cat and the Fiddle”

Easter egg model using tempered chocolate

One Response to “Sugary creations Big and Small”

  1. Jo September 21, 2010 at 1:45 AM #

    You’re back!

    So happy to hear that you are feeling much better and pottering about in the kitchen again.

    These are absolutely gorgeous, Chis!, I mean it! I love the chocolate cake you made for Ruby complete with butterflies and chocolate swirls.

    Looking forward to more updates, not just of your beautiful cakes but of you and the little dumpling as well 🙂

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