San Francisco

24 Sep

So I didn’t get to blog about San Francisco – I guess we must have been having too much of a good time to be thinking about writing about it! In short though… It was a beautiful city and the weather was good to us. We got to feast on the best ramen I have ever had, oysters that were definitely not as amazing as the Tasmanian ones (but still good) and indulged in some of the most delicious beers ever!

I got to catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen in about 5 years – and it was very SURPRISING (since they hadn’t mentioned anything before our visit) and exciting to see that they were expecting! We also caught up with the lovely Dave and Jill who took us to e Golden gate bridge, Ashbury and Haight street and to their cute little home in Berkeley. On our last day, I met the infamous, larger than life, Uncle joe for the very first He was real lovely and a complete gentleman.

That was SF in 3 days. Oh… And we got reacquainted with Traders joe’s which we were told is amazing! Until we met the Wholefood market in NYC! I become a child (well…I’m child) in a Lolly store when I am at a supermarket in a foreign country. It’s like a game, where I load up the food trolley and Jason unloads back into the shelves.:)

Now we are in NYC! We have been told by the people of the west coast to be prepared for abruptness as well as a stream of well dressed, beautiful people. So far We have encountered both, together with Smorgasburg, a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, sighting the Status of Liberty on the Staten island ferry and a picnic in Central Park.


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