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26 Feb

It’s been a while since my last post. I’m back at school again. This semester has gone up to a whole new level. During my first week, I thought… this is really beyond me – Modeling with Sugar, manipulating hot sugar and decorating with sugar. I’m still finding it quite difficult but I’m slowly getting the hang of things. Hopefully one day I can really master this. Here are some of the things I have made in the last couple of weeks.

Modelling with poured sugar

Pulling ribbons out of poured sugar

Making a showpiece out of pastillage

Decorating cookies using royal icing


Black Forest and Chocolate & Caramel Calavados Cake

17 Dec

Its been a while since I have posted anything and I thought that I should get my act together and add some of my drivel to my poor, neglected flog. Semester has ended at Angliss and the school is closed till Feb next year. I can’t believe how fast 2009 has gone. I have finished a year of pastry training and have just 1/2 a year to go before I officially graduate.

Mom and Dad were here to visit in November with Clarissa. We had an awesome time but it was hard to say goodbye. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get used to life in Melbourne. But here I am now, this is what my life is and I should only look forward to good and better things.

These are some of the cake that I made at school in my final term – a Black forest cake and a Chocolate & Caramel Calavados cake.

Petit Fours & a Passionfruit Gateux

28 Oct

I have been so tired this week that the thought of skipping a couple of prac. classes to catch up on some sleep was as tempting as dangling an apple in front of a hungry possum (Do possums eat apples? ….I don’t really know to be honest…) In the absence of sleep, I have been compensating by topping up on caffeine and constant doses of anything that is high in sugar.

On Monday, they were giving out free Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream in the front lawn at my workplace. Hordes flocked to the ice-cream van like vultures. V and I were too late and when we got to the van, there was nothing left. Not even a whiff… We were even scorned by the pimply pubescent lad that was giving out the freebies when we asked if there was anymore free ice-cream. “Nah…” he said. Then he pointed to an overturned icecream cup on the ground and said “There’s some there if you’re desperate.”

So… no free ice-cream for the sleep deprived… but I’m glad I didn’t miss prac. classes this week. We made loads of yummy things. Petit Fours – which consisted of macaroons!! And a beautiful passionfruit gateux.

P/S: I actually learnt more from the Daring Baker’s Challenge on macaroons than I did from school. It was clear that even the teacher was apprehensive about making macaroons. (No advise was given on mixing techniques and he avoided speaking about macaroons altogether. We had to just follow the recipe given to us.) So… once again… 3 cheers for the Daring Baker’s Challenges.




Coconut Finger Buns and Sweet Almond Plaits

19 Oct


Before they went into the oven.



After they came out from the oven.



After glazing, icing and topping them with coconut and almond flakes.

Opera and Iced Petit Fours

14 Oct


Icing the Marzipan iced cakes



Decorated iced cakes


Decorated Operas

Rantings down the repository

17 Sep

This week is the last week of term and Thank GOD for that!! I was getting desperate for term break to arrive (though – I will be at work most days over the break) and FINALLY… it’s here. The last month has been pretty hectic – juggling 2 jobs, school, assessments, matchmaking single friends but most of all trying to deal with a complete A** wipe at work. Its probably taken me all the willpower and determination to remain in “zen” mode. “Focus on the important things!” I keep telling myself. However, what I would really like to say is, “Excuse me…. Can I just clarify something. Are you always an ******* or is it just me?”

Apart from the daily toils and bumps, things have been going swimmingly, so I really shouldn’t complain too much. I have been so busy and so exhausted that I have decided to do the bare minimum at school this term – Just to get by. “No one looks at your grades in industry anyway… they look at experience and dedication,” I tell myself. I’ll be pretty happy just get by with “C”s this term. The irony of it all was that last semester, I was one of those annoying mature age students that would stalk my teachers and ask why they didn’t give me an “A”. With much lower expectations this term, I ended up doing better than expected for all my classes – so I’m pretty stoked. *The moral of story: Aim low. Don’t expect too much. You’ll be pleasantly surprised from time to time.* (hahaha…. please don’t heed that advise. That’s just Negative Nancy being all mopey and pessimistic.)

Here are some pictures of the bread that I made for my assessment.

bread rolls


Passionfruit tart with Poached corella pears

3 Sep



I learnt some good plate decorating skills in class yesterday. The corella pear was poached in red wine and then with a melon baller, we picked out the flesh of the pear at random spots and replaced with with little rock melon balls. The pear is then sat on a baked tuille in the shape of a pear to give the effect of a silhouette.