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General Sherman – biggest tree in the world

16 Sep

So I’ve been in the deep freeze for the last 22 months. Many have told me that i could remain in this state, where neither space nor time mean anything at all, for up to 25 years! Blimey! Nevertheless, I have enjoyed (well more than enjoyed) the last 22 months of being someone’s mother. And so i thought! Out of the deep freeze! I need an adventure! Though not so successfully in terms of kitchen adventures (my culinary talents, i think, have washed out together with my other child birthing bits), but much more successfully in taking a 14 hours flight to the other side of the world – where the people of the stars and stripes dwell.

Arriving in LAX on Saturday morning, we were no longer human due to the obvious time difference of 18 hours but especially because we had travelled with an active toddler. My more than amazing hubby, proceeded to drive another hour and a half on the wrong side of the road to Glynn and Lisa’s. We arrived alive – to a more than welcoming family and 4 fabulous dogs. I was introduced for the very first time to Jason’s extended family whom I warmed to very quickly. The whirlwind vist included a dip in Glynn and Lisa’s swimming pool, meeting their gorgeous daughter, Erica and her bf, James and being introduced to the all American diet of pizza, empinades, in and out burgers and a beautiful bacon, egg and avocado brekky.

The next day, we drove to San Diego, Coronado, where Jason’s dad grew up. We visited his grandma’s beautiful house, right on the golf course and point loma, where his grandparents lie. Jason went and got some hydrangeas for his grandma and grandpa. It was later when we met James and Diana that he realized that hydrangeas were his grandma’s favorite flower! She grew them all over her garden and Jason probably got them for her subconsciously, without realizing it.

We also went to bel boa park and the Hotel Del – where we had oysters, bbq wings and cocktails. In that spritly holiday spirit, we knicked a used pool towel from the iconic Hotel Del and took a dip in the ocean on Coronado beach.

Monday, we drove back to LA to meet James and Diana who turned out to be these Amazing foodies with an abundant passion for good food. I immediately fell head over heals in love with their daughters and secretly hoped that one day my daughter would grow up to be as lovely and funny as these 2 girls.

We drive on to Sequoia National Park – the land of the Giants – where the biggest and some of the oldest trees in the world live, some were as old as 2200 years, which blew my mind. We entered an impressive cave which was over 4000 years old and now mikidee says, “I like CAVES!!!” How sweet is she? 🙂

And then that fateful evening, i had to go ahead and have a urinary tract infection. My God sent husband drove an hour and a half out of the national park to get me to a hospital to get me fixed up.

So now… We’re lying in bed in America’s best value inn at Yosemite National Park, watching a heart breaking movie about chimps. Tomorrow… More adventures await!